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About Drivetrain Innovation

Drivetrain Innovation specializes in the development, customization, and manufacturing of high-power inverters and battery management systems for electric drive applications. Our primary goal is to provide comprehensive plug-and-play drivetrain solutions that can seamlessly integrate into a wide spectrum of use cases. 

At DTI, we are proud to leverage our expertise in delivering tailored designs, innovative developments, and efficient production processes to meet the specific requirements of our clients.

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Join us to learn from our experts and save valuable time. We will cover a range of topics, including:

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  • What accessories you need

  • Practical implementations

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World’s Most Advanced Police Car Fleets

World’s Most Advanced Police Car Fleets

Police forces across the world take pride in which vehicles they use to operate in and patrol the streets of their respective countries. Some countries are much more humble in the cars they choose while others go all out and use the fastest and most expensive supercars. In this episode of Xplained we take a look at which countries use the most powerful and expensive cars in their fleet. Be sure to subscribe to our channel so you never miss out on an episode of Xplained. Check out the links below for credit for the incredible footage used! For any copyright inquiries or crediting please get in touch with All4motion - ABT Sportsline - Policie ČR - Blue Light Videos - DragonEmergencyVideos - Stellantis North America - Nick OFF Duty - Stellantis Fleet & Business Solutions US - LencoArmoredVehicles - News4JAX - Denver7 – The Denver Channel - KTLA 5 - Courtesy Fleet - SYU1RR Shio - じゃがいもこぞう - JDM clips - 日産自動車株式会社 - Adam Zillin - Autobahn Mechanix - F.C. Autosource K.K. - KYODO NEWS - Japan Machine - Walkmanz0623 - ShuBoxInc - Marchettino - WiredChuck - Polizia di Stato - Twitter - Niki Motorsport - Veicoli d’emergenza - Stellantis - Crospotter13 - Poliziadistato - Teletruria TVWEB - W Motors - GTV Media Group - Dubai Police شرطة دبي - MOIUAE - -

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