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From Concept to Reality: Our MotionTech Collaboration Unveiled

Picture an adventure where creativity meets innovation with boundless possibilities. Over the past period, as we embarked on the realization of our new project, we've experienced precisely that. We are delighted to present the exciting details of our collaboration with MotionTech, as we explored three primary application areas to showcase future opportunities and challenges.

Automotive and motorsport: Unmatched Agility and Responsiveness

In the world of motorsport, every second counts, and the performance of a vehicle can make all the difference. Our drivetrain system offers a significant advantage with its lightweight components and lightning-fast response time. Whether it's accelerating on the racetrack or tackling off-road terrain, our system's adaptability and capability for up to four-wheel drive make it a game-changer.

Watercrafts: Unleashing Unrivaled Power

High-performance watercraft demand exceptional power and long-term reliability. Our solution is engineered to meet these demands with ease, allowing you to multiply power output with the greatest of simplicity. With capabilities of over 800kW per axle, our system provides the horsepower needed for the most ambitious aquatic adventures.

Aerospace and Aircrafts: Reliability Above All

In the world of aviation and sport vehicles, reliability is paramount. Our technology allows you to achieve not only reliable operation but also redundancy when needed. With unique features that optimize propeller positioning, we reduce aerodynamic drag for gliders and other aircraft, enhancing performance and efficiency.

We are committed to pioneering innovations that cater to a wide array of applications, from the adrenaline-pumping world of motorsport to the serenity of water travel and the boundless skies of aviation.


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