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Porsche 912E to Electric Drive

For engineers contemplating an electric drive project but hesitating due to perceived complexity, we aim to provide motivation and demonstrate that electric propulsion is more accessible than it may seem. Our blog post will showcase a specific project where we successfully converted a vintage Porsche 912E from gasoline to electric drive, all based on a client's request.


We designed the entire electric system and propulsion, utilizing a special dual inverter configuration to double the performance. The vehicle features an impressive EMRAX motor, offering 500 Nm of torque at 5500 rpm. The project garnered significant media attention, with multiple segments showcased on one of the largest automotive magazine in Hungary.


It was a valuable learning experience with astounding final results. The raw power of electric drive is palpable, and the vehicle boasts a BMW i3 battery pack that allows for an approximate range of 300 km. Our custom battery management system not only supervises the battery but also controls the entire vehicle system. By retaining the original displays, gauges, and indicators, the interior remains unchanged, seamlessly concealing the conversion. The performance of the vehicle now rivals that of a classic Porsche 911. Additionally, the car is equipped with fast charging capabilities alongside the traditional Type 2 connector.


By sharing our experience of converting a gasoline-powered vintage Porsche 912E into an electric vehicle, we aim to inspire and motivate engineers who may be hesitant to embark on an electric drive project due to perceived complexity. We demonstrate that with proper planning and execution, electric drive conversions are within reach for almost anyone.


Our successful project showcases the raw power of electric propulsion and the remarkable results that can be achieved. The availability of fast charging and the inclusion of traditional connectors further enhance the practicality and convenience of the converted vehicle. So, if you're an engineer considering an electric drive project, take the leap and unlock the incredible potential of electric propulsion.

If you are planning something similar, contact our engineers and they will help you to successfully complete your project:


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