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DTI Inverter's Efficient Performance and Successful Compliance with ECE R10 Test

Today, we present Solar Team Eindhoven's latest project, Stella Vita, the world's first solar-powered mobile home. This vehicle generates enough solar energy to live and travel, marking another step towards a sustainable future by the students. On September 19, this solar house on wheels embarks on its inaugural journey across Europe.

Stella Vita is a self-sustaining house on wheels, meaning it is energy-independent. With solar panels installed on the roof, it eliminates the need for charging stations. The vehicle produces sufficient solar energy for driving, showering, watching TV, charging laptops, and even brewing coffee.

When stationary, the mobile house's roof slides up, providing ample space for cooking, sleeping, or working inside. Additionally, the raised roof deploys extra solar panels, doubling the solar surface to an impressive 17.5 square meters. The interior design prioritizes comfort and efficiency for daily use. Thanks to efficient energy management, Stella Vita can travel up to 730 km on a sunny day.

The team unveils the vehicle to an audience of young students, recognizing them as the future generation capable of inspiring and accelerating the transition towards a sustainable future. "To expedite this transition, we aim to inspire as many people as possible throughout our journey across Europe," said Kjell Revenberg, Solar Team Eindhoven's team manager.

During their month-long expedition from Eindhoven to the southernmost tip of Spain, the students will travel solely on solar energy. Together with their partners, including main sponsor Coolblue, they aim to showcase the future of sustainable travel.

All photos by Bart van Overbeeke


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