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A Day with Neumann János University Students at DTI

DriveTrain Innovation Kft. recently had the pleasure of hosting a group of aspiring students from Neumann János University, specializing in electric vehicle engineering. As part of their academic curriculum, Neumann János University places a strong emphasis on practical learning experiences, sending their students on visits to companies to gain real-world insights.

During their visit to our facility, we opened our doors to the students and offered them a comprehensive tour of our daily operations. We took them through the intricate processes involved in our manufacturing technology, demonstrating how we transform ideas into tangible, cutting-edge solutions. It was an opportunity for the students to see firsthand the evolution of a concept into a finished product.

One of the day's highlights was an engaging discussion on the latest advancements in electric propulsion technology. We highlighted the pivotal role that innovation plays in the electric vehicle industry and showcased some of our recent developments. We encouraged the students to think creatively and consider the many possibilities that lie ahead in the world of electric vehicles.

This interaction was not only a one-sided sharing of knowledge but also a two-way learning experience. The students' curiosity and thought-provoking questions injected fresh energy into our workplace, reminding us of the importance of engaging with the next generation of innovators.

Keep an eye out for more exciting developments and updates from DTI team as we continue our journey toward excellence in electric drive technology.


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