Electric AC Cobra


Construction of a complete drivetrain and battery management system for a 4 wheel drive electric car. The front wheels are directly driven and the rear wheels have a 4-speed electropneumatic transmission. Both motor are EMRAX 228 with HV-500 inverters. First CHAdeMO fast charge system was installed, that is controlled by our battery management system.

Aircraft full drivetrain


Building a complete prototype UltraLight aircraft electric system. The HV-500 inverter and a self-developed battery management system have been installed. An Hall sensored EMRAX 208 motor is used to drive the propeller. Charging is done with a conventional AC J1772 type2 system. Charging is controlled by our battery management system.


Motostudent International Competition



We sponsored the team with our prototype battery management system that has qualified and participated in the entire race series. In addition to MotoStudent competitions, the team also participates in other electric motor races.

Megalux solar race car



Design of a very efficient drivetrain and is as lightweight as possible. Design and construction of a complete electrical system.

  • F1 style steering wheel with TFT display

  • vehicle control unit

  • more than 250 measured data logging

  • real time wireless communication with PC

  • battery pack with the lightest weight possible

  • solar charging control system (MPPTs)



Megameter low fuel consumption vehicle



Design and construction of a complete electrical system. Development of fuel-saving engine management software.

  • fully configurable vehicle control software

  • variable steer by wire algorithm

  • GSM based wireless telemetry

  • automatic engine tuning algorithm with dyno controlling

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