Double redundant analog inputs


The double redundant throttle or brake pedal signal processing is implemented to the DTI inverter according to Formula Student Rules 2020 T11.8. The two sensor can use parallel or opposite direction. The signals can be inverted and different voltage levels to 100% and 0% position can be set. The maximum daviation percent and implausibility time can be settable. If on implausibility occurs between two signals the motor controll will stop after settable time. The control will reactivate after an adjustable time if necessary.

It available from Firmware: V3.3 and DTI Tool: V2.6 versions


New power connectors


Our inverters are now available with Amphenol SurLok Plus ™ EMI connectors. This gives greater security and flexibility. The connectors can be mechanically lock. The interlock function will also be available. 


Best power/weight ratio


DTI controllers have the best power and weight ratio. The EMRAX motors extensive support helps the user with pre-configured settings. Using the DTI controller together with the EMRAX motors,  this results the lightest drivetrain.


Battery Management System


Own development battery management system will be available soon. The main focus of the development was on achieving the smallest possible physical size and weight. The system can manage up to 192 cells. The system supports CHAdeMO fast charge and traditional AC charger control functions. The inverter and the BMS can work together to create a perfect drivetrain.


Graphical interface 2.1


  • We added new features to digital outputs and digital inputs.

  • Expanded with a new feature which will guide the user through the motor and encoder setup step by step.

  • Positioning function will also be available for analog inputs


Resolver interface


In order to make our system even more universal, we have developed a resolver interface. The resolver interface has a serial communication port in order to synchronize the absolute motor position. This interface also has an encoder emulator output which is also used by standard incremental encoders.

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