HV-500 technical description

HV-500 CAN manual

HV-500 interlock user manual


HV-500 CAD models


CP-600 connector user manual

SurLok Plus EMI Inline Assembly Instructions

SurLok Plus EMI Right Angle Assembly Instructions


Resolver interface user manual


DTI Tool user manual

DTI motor setup manual

DTI Firmware upgrade manual

Download DTI Tool and firmware:

CAN Tool Version

Tool Version

Compatible firmware version

Release note

- The previous CAN 1 commands are available on CAN 2 output. This port allows for easy diagnostics and controling.
- On the CAN 1 port available is a custom protocol. This port can be used for firmware upgrades and communication with the new graphical interface.

Safety improvements

Analog inputs control modes improved

Double redundant analog inputs. Selectable encoder index waiting method.

Hardware upgrade for higher input voltage (800V)

New DTI Resolver interface protocol

Addresses an issue that causes some users unable to connect to the inverter after writing a configuration.

Improved CAN Communication

CAN communication bug fixed. Firmware upgrade requires DTI CAN Tool device and FWU Tool software*

First published version

Download FWU Tool:

* Firmware version 3.2 and higher is compatible with the FWU Tool which can be used to test CAN 2 and update the firmware.

Release note

FWU Tool Version

First released version

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